Why Us:

Our position is simple:

For clients that appreciate value and are looking for ways to add-on, renovate or build new, W. L. Kelly & Associates Inc. provides a valuable construction service. Unlike other general contractors or renovators who may be preoccupied with their own bottom line, W. L. Kelly & Associates Inc. puts your goals first.

We provide accountability for the job while saving time, money and aggravation throughout the entire construction process.
As your Construction Manager, we offer streamlined communication and complete transparency with all project information.
Our professional and trade resources are proven and accomplished in their fields providing real quality in all work that we do.

It’s Our Business…

My business depends on complete client satisfaction. We earn our reputation one project at a time. Most of our referrals come from clients who appreciate the added value and cost savings we provide. We recognize the value of great service and the obvious link it has to our success!

If you are in the market to build a new home this season or if your planning to add some space to your home with a new addition, please give us a call!

Why does it matter?

Our Client’s are happier with the end result! They see the increased value we generate into their project. They “see the cost savings” and appreciate that their interests are protected each step of the way. They’re able to make better informed decisions with regard to budgeting “before a project starts” and they’re able to track expenses easily throughout the course of work.

Results are really important!

We offer simple solutions, simple explanations and simple systems that get the job done.  Our clients; enjoy the process, save more money and find themselves better protected.

Do results matter to you?       

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Bill Kelly – Principal

W. L. Kelly & Associates, Inc.

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