Make sure your plan is right for what you want to accomplish.
You should review and understand completely with your Architect what your established goals are and have at least one conversation about the concept of *building Green. Get advice on what environmental considerations might be right for you and your project that could possibly save money on future utility costs.
Once your program requirements are established and your creative ideas are developed and put to paper, your final architectural documents are prepared. These plans and specifications should have all the measurements needed to construct your new home or addition. Information on the plan should include all specific State & Local code requirements that apply to your job.
There should be a list of design specifications noting quality standards for your project. Additional plans as may be needed would include both electrical and structural drawings. If you do start a large renovation project without a well defined set of detailed drawings, you could very well see costly delays and unplanned for charges that effect your budget.

We do have a team in place that focuses on the fun & creative part of design while simply making sure that the other details don’t get overlooked.

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Bill Kelly

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