Make sure you are provided with a construction schedule that works with your time frame and one that your contractor can adhere to. Your schedule should be detailed trade by trade and include dates required for material selection and procurement’s identified. Scheduling should be part of the General Conditions in your contract including hours of operation. Certain Towns and Villages have restrictions on when work can start and cease on Holidays and weekends. If there is a question, you can contact your local police department for specifics.
Also with regard to time, you may or may not want your contractor in your house past normal business hours finishing work. To avoid any unpleasant surprises it is important to define his/her hours of operation up front. General Conditions should also include simple but important items like cleaning and general protection of your home. Make sure you have in writing who will do what and when. You won’t know how really important this is until you start living with dust and debris throughout your house! Make sure your contractor or Construction Manager has planned to protect your existing home and furnishings prior to the start of any work.

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