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Remember to make sure that when the project is nearing completion;
þ All warranties are packaged and presented to you for easy reference.
þ If your utility’s were altered or worked on, (i.e. Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC) etc., make sure that those lines or plumbing valves are tagged.
þ If the electrical panel was worked on make sure the contractor labeled it.
þ And if your heating and cooling system was touched, make sure that you are comfortable with operational and maintenance directions.
þ If major renovation work was performed then you should discuss with your contractor the need to check and clean all HVAC filters prior to completion of work. (Sometimes these filters can get clogged during construction with dust and debris.)
þ Separate issues might arise at the end of your project if telecommunication is involved. Make sure you are clear on who will be contacting the phone or cable company for service as well as who will be paying for the hookup.

Finally as part of all these closeout procedures, don’t forget to generate that punch-list and give it to your contractor as soon as possible while they still have personnel on site.

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