Site Protection: Weathering the Storms…

Maintaining “Site Conditions” on a daily basis is important.

Sometimes you don’t realize just how important until an unexpected storm comes through and ravages everything!

Seen again today for the first time in years is a short video clip taken at one of our job-sites just after a bad storm came through. A day many will remember…

Viewing the short video clip again now, (Just past three years to the date later)… it’s easy to recognize how well the job site was kept.

  • There was zero trash on the ground which is how we keep all our projects. We don’t want the neighbors visually disturbed and we do care for each property and project as our own.
  • Our Site Protection procedures kept all soils in place and no runoff left the property location. A major stream boarders the land and although water levels did rise significantly to flood stage levels, our soils and runoff were stabilized and did not become a factor in polluting those valued natural resources.
  • We weathered the storm “Sandy” well.

With the building and property stabilized and well protected, we were able help others in need during that severe weather event.

Storm Date: 10-29-12 – we looked up the weather for Harrison NY as seen here.


JPL Architects – Inspecting the site to conform conditions are satisfactory and that no further stabilization efforts were needed.

If you have a construction project in mind for 2016 and you would like all the details cared for… for YOU?  Call us, we can help!


Aqua Tots – Westchester

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