Non Profit: How our Construction Management services fit in…

Understanding that the not for profit world relies heavily on volunteer support, projects typically get organized by a chairperson or committee and coordinated by a team to set forth accomplishing their goals.

When those goals are construction related, we assist with care, patience and experience.

We understand the dynamics of working within the group. We help by delivering transparent communication online for all participants to view.

We provide a step-by-step construction management process that includes budgeting, scope of work identification, scheduling, etc.

Working within the committee, we strive to bring costs down, find prudent resources and track safety & compliance requirements designed to protect the non profit organization.

Ultimately, we help the committee deliver projects on time…or ahead of time and under budget.

If you’re in the non profit world and have a project planed for 2016, please give me a call.

Now is the time to get started.

Bill Kelly – W. L. Kelly & Associates, Inc.

Construction Management & Development Services.


W. L. Kelly & Associates, Inc.

W. L. Kelly & Associates, Inc.

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