2016 – Design & Build
With the New Year fast approaching there is no better time then now to start planning for success on your next home building or remodeling project. Hopefully after reading here you will find yourself better protected and better positioned to simply deal with many of the issues that can arise during the home construction or remodeling process.

2016 – Home remodeling clients want results that provide for vibrant change &refreshing use of space while accommodating everyone in the family!

The process can go much smoother if you have someone on you side working to put the pieces together. Find behind the scenes info on what to look for including general topics and some and very specific details that may be of help.  Read More when you have time at our Houzz site… Lots of great project pictures and helpful building tips.



By Bill Kelly –
W. L. Kelly & Associates Inc.
Construction Management& Development Services.

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